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Why Real Estate Agents need to be Consistent (And How You Can Be Awesome at it!)


“Consistency – not very glamorous – but gee it’s effective.”

Consistency is what it’s all about if you want to be one of the successful real estate agents at the top of your game. You can’t just decide to start marketing and creating some buzz when the market slows down. You will have missed the boat. You need to be the go-to agent in your area or town or even city when someone decides it’s time to sell their property. And that takes consistent, persistent effort even when it feels like no one much is listening.

Being consistent doesn’t just apply to marketing alone; it also applies to the many different facets of the real estate business – prospecting, dealing with both buyers and sellers, focus, passion & mindset and, of course, marketing. With the rise of flat fee commission sites like Purple Bricks as well as the leading portals tying up the industry more and more, agents must become more consistent in their approach to make their mark and stand out. Here are our tips on how you can be awesome at being consistent:

  • Focus – Get organised. Work out your short term and long term goals. Set your daily, weekly, monthly structure and stick to it religiously. You have to be consistent. Just doing the necessary tasks sometimes won’t get you the results. Whether it’s doing callbacks, maintaining your database or following up on leads, you have to remain committed and stick to the routine. Set up templates for everything you can set a template for to save time and maintain your brand; SMS, newsletters, market appraisals, presentations.
  • Dealing with clients – Actually dealing with anyone and everyone. You need to be reliable and that means consistent with every single person you deal with. If you say you will call, then call. If you say you will email, then email. Follow up – it’s not rocket science. Keep appointments and meetings on time; say please and thank you to EVERYONE. We deal with a lot of agents and the majority don’t have basic good manners even when they are getting great service. It never ceases to amaze us! Real estate is 24/7 and we get asked often for recommendations for a good agent. Funnily enough, the ones who have fantastic people skills are all doing well in their businesses and yes, we do give them recommendations!!!
  • Passion – Passion is infectious. Everyone wants to be around positive, motivated people. Consistency here is imperative. You can’t turn it on and off. You need to find a way to maintain that passion always. Keep asking yourself why you got into real estate and remind yourself what you love about it, whether it’s helping people find their dream home, closing deals or working in a people industry. When the batteries need recharging, make sure you fit in some exercise and me-time so the passion stays strong.
  • Marketing – Marketing is a big one. You have to maintain your profile consistently no matter whether you are part of an agency or a franchise. Who chooses an agent for the franchise? People want someone they can relate to and work with, not a company. Your marketing efforts have to be consistent so it’s better to maintain 1 or 2 social media sites well rather than trying to do lots poorly. Plan your content, your email campaigns and newsletters as well as your videos. Make sure you are relevant and interesting.
  • Education – Stay up to-date. This also takes consistent effort. No one wants to deal with someone who isn’t knowledgeable about the latest changes or updates to industry regulations. It’s important to also keep abreast of what’s happening in your local area – developments, transport, schools, parks, shopping centres and restaurants.

Running your business consistently and implementing all of our tips above means you will keep generating leads. You are setting all the blocks in place for a strong business that will keep getting results. Keep your dream top of mind always but to achieve that dream you need consistent, persistent effort.

Consistency is about generating trust. Clients trust you will call back; they trust that you will be the one for advice on anything pertaining to their property sale; people following you on social media trust that your posts will entertain, educate or inform. Everyone wants to deal with a real estate agent they can depend on whenever they want to sell or invest or buy. Real estate agents need to be consistent in every facet of the business and now you know how to be awesome at it!

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