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Why Mobile CRMs are Brilliant (And Why You Should Be Using One!)

“Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to keep things simple.” – Richard Branson

All real estate agents should be using a CRM or Contact Manager Software. No discussion. Real estate agents meet hundreds of people constantly; so there is no way you can stay on top of your database without software or a system to help you manage your leads. Your database is vital to your success and once you have hundreds of contacts there is no way you can remember each and every one of them – which properties they visited and what their requirements are.

There are many CRMs or Contact Manager Softwares that have been developed specifically for the real estate market and also many general ones that can be used across any industry. However, many are over-complicated with features that sound impressive but in reality, never used. Your real estate CRM has to be simple and has to be able to be used on the run. Gone are the days of having to go back to your office and your desktop computer to update your database. Gone are the days of having a contact manager system that you need an engineering degree to work out.

The real estate industry is very slow to adopt technology. Agents seem to like the old way of doing things or else are too frightened to try new, simpler ways that will actually free up some of their time. Technology should just be a tool that assists your everyday activities.

This is where Mobile CRMs or Mobile Contact Manager Softwares come into play and why we think they are so brilliant!

  • Apps designed for the phone have to be SIMPLE – there just isn’t the space for over-complicated design and features.
  • Every agent has a smartphone.
  • Mobile CRMs generally have an SMS feature that is based on your phone plan and majority of phone plans these days include unlimited SMS (if yours doesn’t, then shop around). If you are paying exorbitant prices for SMS from your CRM provider, dump them fast!
  • Communication is the key to using your database effectively and that means to your leads as well as vendors.
  • Mobile CRMs are cost effective. Many standard real estate CRMs charge hundred of dollars per month.
  • Mobile CRMs will have all the basic features you need to manage your database from your phone:
    • Communication with your leads and visitors to open houses – email, FREE SMS, phone calls. The FREE SMS feature to bulk leads or to individuals is imperative and should be introduced into your marketing strategy. Read our blog post on SMS marketing here.
    • Communication with your vendors – update SMS from each open house as well as full Vendor Report by email.
    • Ability to categorise your list and colour code them for fast recognition.
    • Ability to see history of your dealings with your list.
    • Ability to send contracts, brochures, 3D floor plans etc.
    • Ability to collect visitors’ details fast and efficiently at open homes.

Real estate agents have high costs to advertise their properties on all the major portals and these just keep increasing. Commissions are being squeezed lower and lower and will continue to be. Expensive CRMs just seem to be one more cost that agents are being hit with because they don’t realise there are other options.

Managing a database doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult or expensive. Mobile CRMs will help you manage your everyday activities all from your phone. Free up some time to get some downtime because, as we all know, working in real estate can be frenetically busy and stressful. Getting time out is important to a balanced life.

Now I know some agents will say ‘but I prefer to work on my desktop – the screen is bigger and that’s the way I have done it for many years’. The good news is that most good Mobile CRMs will have a web option as well. BUT, all the important features like SMS and taking visitors’ details at open homes; vendor SMS and vendor report; as well as sending out contracts; can still be done from the phone. Then other activities can wait, if preferred, for the desktop.

So this is why we think that Mobile CRMs or Mobile Contact Manager Softwares are absolutely brilliant.

Simple is beautiful.

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