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Open House ID Affiliate Program for the Real Estate Industry


We are excited to announce we have finished building an affiliate system where you can be rewarded for the real estate agents you introduce to us! We have had so many requests for a partner program like this from our Open House ID users that we couldn’t ignore them any longer. That’s right, you will be able to refer and earn!

If you know agents who are still writing names and numbers or who don’t have a CRM (Contact Manager Software), then refer Open House ID app for Android and iOS and earn for every referral.

Agents and realtors all over the world are looking for an all in one solution like Open House ID to stand out from the crowd and increase their property sales. Why wouldn’t you want to profit from introducing them to us?

  • Easy Money – earn $50 for every new referral’s first payment – no cap on earnings
  • Proven Results – accumulate more referrals because of our world wide authority and popularity
  • Quick to Join – it’s quick and free to join – no hidden fees
  • Agents Get – 1 month trial; a yearly competitive price that gives 2 months free of charge; the simplest listing tool + Mobile CRM; for all realtors and real estate agents worldwide; manage properties and contacts straight from their smartphone.
  • Who Can Qualify as an Affiliate? – Realtors, real estate agents, real estate trainers, real estate coaches, consultants or speakers; providers of complementary real estate products or services; online marketers selling to real estate agents; or virtual assistants.
  • Agent Billing – Open House ID will process all agents including their payments and support. All you have to do as an affiliate is refer agents to us. No limits or caps on number of agents referred.

About Open House ID app
The app is not only an open for inspection tool for capturing contact details quickly and easily, but also offers a Mobile CRM. Many real estate CRMs or Contact Manager Softwares are over-complicated, with features that sound impressive but in reality, never used. Tragically, others aren’t even on the cloud, which means they can only be accessed via the computer the software is downloaded on, which is usually in the office.

Open House ID has just released its new mobile CRM in iOS and Android so busy agents and realtors don’t need to be tied to their desks any more. Here are some reasons why Open House ID mobile app + CRM is ideal:

  • It is designed for the phone so it has to be SIMPLE
  • Every agent has a smartphone
  • The CRM is also available on the web
  • It collects visitor details quickly at open houses.
  • It has free SMS that is based on your phone plan and majority of phone plans these days include unlimited SMS (if yours doesn’t, then shop around). If you are paying exorbitant prices for SMS from your CRM provider, dump them fast!
  • It is cost effective. Many standard real estate CRMs charge hundreds of dollars per month.

Your real estate CRM has to be simple and has to be able to be used on the run. Gone are the days of having to go back to your office and your desktop computer to update your database or search for a contact’s details. Agents spend more than 50% of their day out of the office so a mobile system is now a must and will save you time, and therefore, money.

Number of visits, contract requests, hot leads and more will all be recorded in your app.

Other features include:

  • Clean, accurate data that is all editable
  • Categorise and colour code your list
  • Vendor Report
  • Send contracts, brochures, other docs
  • Set and manage To-do lists
  • Integration with MailChimp for email marketing
  • Marketing source – so you can measure your marketing
  • Mobile CRM to manage visitors and properties which is also available on the web
  • Integration with leading real estate CRMs

Open House ID Affiliate Program offers your own dashboard where you’ll find your own personal link to give out to agents to subscribe to the app and where you will be able to keep track of your commissions. You will also find some marketing banners, if you wish to use them on your social media or website.

Join our Affiliate Program today to start earning by clicking on this link:


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