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How to Add ‘Sexy’ into your Real Estate Marketing


“We’re not going to be the first to this party, but we’re going to be the best.” – Steve Jobs, Apple event for iPhone OS 4

As all real estate agents know well, getting people to buy property is all about emotion. Sure, they need to know their budget initially, but after that it is all pure emotion. Can your buyers imagine themselves living in that house or apartment? How does it make them feel? So what you need to do is to appeal to that emotion and whether you like it or not, sexy sells!

So what do we mean by adding ‘sexy’ to your real estate marketing? Does it mean female real estate agents need low cut tops and very short skirts, and the male agents need tight shirts with a few buttons open? Mmmm, that is unprofessional and definitely not what is required. What we mean is that your marketing needs to be clever, alluring and ‘must-have’. Take your lead from Apple whose products are classy, simple and beautiful. Their brand philosophy is all about wowing the customer. It’s about being the best. And this is how they have queues of people camping outside the Apple Stores worldwide for the release of new products that are not the cheapest on the market.

To make your marketing sexy, you don’t need a whole building of interior designers or an agency on Madison Avenue in New York or luxury-only properties to sell. You just need to commit to giving your customers, buyers and vendors, an amazing experience and get creative with your marketing. That’s something any real estate agency can do, no matter how big or small.

Here’s some of our tips on what you can incorporate into your marketing to make it sexier.

  • Hire a professional photographer – Images sell. Beautiful images sell even more. A professional photographer can get the best from even the most average properties. A professional photographer is not going to allow your vendors to leave their rooms cluttered or looking ordinary. It’s common now in places like Sydney for houses to be totally styled by professional stylists. If your vendor doesn’t want to go to this expense, at least use a professional photographer to make your properties shine. Any good real estate photographer now will also have access to a drone for aerial photography something that works beautifully with certain properties, but not all. Professional images can add 10 – 20% to your sale price. Remember, it’s the images that attract people in the first instance.
  • Video – Use video creatively to tell a story. The number of boring videos I have seen of real estate agents just talking is incredible. It’s not about YOU; it’s about your clients and what will appeal to them. A video can do more than just show off a property; it can also showcase the local area. Try Hyperlapse app, (by Instagram) which uses time-lapse photography technology and amazing image stabilisation software, it essentially gives you video editing software and expertise in an app on your phone…for free. You can use Hyperlapse for quick home walk-throughs to show off a lot of space in a short amount of time and you can include a quick view of the street or area, or, a sunset or views if there are any. Video is now nearly 75% of Internet traffic and video is increasingly a part of the real estate discovery experience. Use it creatively.
  • Get a good copywriter – According to a Zillow study last year, the word ‘luxurious’ added 8.2% to the sales price of lower-tier homes for sale. Among higher-tier homes, the word ‘captivating’ added 6.5%. They identified 15 words that added value to home listings, from ‘impeccable’ to ‘landscaped’. Interesting! So, it will pay to hire a good copywriter. Copywriters know what appeals and you need to get past just listing the obvious features using the same descriptive words as most other listings. ‘Smart products’, ‘sustainable features’, ‘energy saving features’ are also words that make buyers take note.
  • Effective marketing not more marketing – It’s all about effective marketing rather than more marketing. Getting creative is adding ‘sexy’. Weave stories into your marketing about properties rather than just listing the property features. If the property is ordinary, find something else of benefit to your buyers. Is the property in a sought after school zone? If you are targeting families, this is of crucial importance to them. Is it close to the beach, or parks, or shops, or cafes and restaurants? Weave these selling points into your marketing including photos and video. It’s not just about 3 bed, 1 bath, 1 garage.
    One real estate agent’s website I was looking at this week, has added some interest on his team page. Everyone checks out the Team page. Under the images of his professional staff he has included photos of his children at the bottom. His very cute young blonde son of about 2 years with a big cheeky smile has the title Master of Mayhem, and the 2 gorgeous little girls Hugs and Cuddles. Without this agent spending any more money, we can conclude that he adores his family, is a trustworthy family person, has a great sense of humour and is showing some ‘heart’ on his website. I like him already without ever having spoken to him and if I was in his area and needed an agent to sell my home, I would definitely call him. Is he adding ‘sexy’ to his marketing? Absolutely!

There are thousands of real estate agents or realtors. Probably most do a similar job when it comes to selling or renting your property. The secret is how to stand out in a huge crowd when there are so many of you to choose from. Some agents love to tell you in their videos about how good they are, or what amazing price they got for their last sale. That isn’t interesting to me and I’m sure not interesting to most others either.

What you have to do is to add ‘sexy’ into your marketing and you will stand out from all the other non-creative agents in the industry. Don’t follow the sheep. Check out what companies or individuals are doing who do stand out from the crowd like Apple or Richard Branson. Remember that’s its ok sometimes to share personal updates because that makes you more human and approachable. The post Richard Branson shared on Instagram of his newborn grandson with him and his son got 57,500 odd likes. Selling houses, or airfares, or phones, or travel into space is all about emotion. Learn to tap into this by adding ‘sexy’ into your marketing to stand out and you will shine in this industry.


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