How Real Estate Agents Can Deal with Overwhelm in Technology

How Real Estate Agents Can Deal with Overwhelm in Technology


We have been dealing with many different real estate agents around the world since we started Open House ID app, and the one thing that we keep hearing is how overwhelmed many of you are regarding technology and all the new products hitting the market. Overwhelm is not a good place to be. It comes from a state of anxiety and leaves you unable to function when experienced at its worst. All the talk of the industry being disrupted and agents being out of work or their commissions seriously eroded due to industry changing technology and concepts, seems to be seriously worrying many agents. And it’s not only the older agents who are feeling like this. Many of the young ones are too.

Technology is never going to stand still. It never has and it never will. Think the emergence of the car from the horse and cart, the emergence of driverless cars from cars as we have known them, the emergence of the mobile phone and then the smartphone, and newspapers to the Internet. The changes need to be approached with interest and enthusiasm not dread and overwhelm.

We have discussed all this in previous blog posts in the past, but below is what you need to do to manage this state of overwhelm and keep things in perspective.

  • Focus on your goals – Keep your focus on the big picture and strive to be the very best – better than any other agent you know. Uber has disrupted the taxi industry but there are still taxis everywhere and it has forced the taxi industry to lift its game. Not a bad thing. What can you do to lift yours? The time is now to start playing smart.
  • Keep it in perspective – Relax. Everything is not going to change in the next few minutes or weeks or months. Some new technologies will take years to become the norm, some will never be embraced, and some will become popular quickly. You should only be using technology that is going to save you time or money or will help you to stand out from the crowd. Remember your big picture. Ask yourself is it going to help you achieve that big picture?
  • Delete – It’s great to read about what’s happening and you must stay up to date with the real estate industry or you will die like the dinosaurs. However, there is a time and place and you have to realise that you can’t read everything. Delete some of those annoying newsletters that come into your inbox if they aren’t vital and delete some of the notifications on your phone if they aren’t assisting you.
  • Down time – turn your phone off at the end of the day or at least onto flight mode. This doesn’t have to be at 5pm but try for at least 8pm so you get some down time. Try not to anxiously check it every 5 minutes or your social media feeds. This goes for at least some of the time that you have off as well. It may be Sunday that you don’t have opens or it may be a weekday, but try to have at least one enjoyable activity without screen time.
  • Experiment – If you hear about a new app or software and think it could give you an edge, then try it. There are some great apps for collecting your contacts at open houses, mobile CRM apps, video apps for improving your videos, and 3D floor plans. Trying new products keeps you relevant but do it one at a time and don’t try to make lots of changes all at once. Eye on the big picture always so you don’t get into overwhelm!
  • Organise – The more organised you are, the less chance you will have for overwhelm. Do your most important tasks first always. If that’s your callbacks or your presentations, then prioritise the work that will give you the biggest results. The rest comes after. Organise your appointments so you have time for other important tasks. Space out your meetings so you have time to return calls or fit in the unexpected in between if necessary.

Real estate agents have busy schedules, no doubt about it, but don’t fall into the habit of telling everyone how busy you are. It’s not an indication of how important you are, it just sounds like you don’t know how to manage your time. If you make your clients feel like you don’t have enough time for them they will certainly find another agent who does.

So take a deep breath and vow to keep the overwhelm where it belongs – in the trash! Instead concentrate on being the very best real estate agent or realtor you can be. Take some time to work out how you can improve and make a difference and start implementing those steps. The real estate agents who are the very best operators and at the top of their game, will be the ones who outlast the disruptive technologies. Go out of your way to connect, help and make a difference in your client’s lives. Stay up to date with what’s happening in technology but concentrate on the big picture and you will soon realise that you will be one of the real estate agents who have learnt to overcome overwhelm in technology.


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