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Open House ID App – the new mobile way to manage your open house inspections!

This App makes your inspections faster and easier for you and your visitors – buyers, renters and investors.

We have 2 ways you can take your visitors’ details quickly and easily.

  1. Auto Fill – Type in your visitor’s mobile number or cell number on the Add Visitor page and if your visitor has visited any Open House ID property, their information will auto fill for you. You can still edit or change their information at any time.
  2. Entry Pass to Scan – Take their email address along with their other details on their first visit and they will automatically be emailed an ‘entry pass’ they can save into their Photos which can be scanned at future visits. The scan only takes 2 seconds and this pass will have all their details saved in it!

1Download the Open House ID App – available from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

2Register and log in to start using the App.

3Select your property/enter your property and start your open house.

4 Enter visitor’s mobile or cell number and their details will auto fill the fields in your phone.

5 Enter visitors’ email manually ONCE only. Visitors will receive their ‘entry pass’ by email to keep in their phone (save to Photo Library) for future visits.

6Scan ‘entry pass’ – 2 second scan.

7 Finish open house to sync/get data.

8 Fast, simple, efficient – free up your time!
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