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How to be a Game Changer in Real Estate

game changer in real estate

The Real Estate Industry is changing and by 2020 the real estate industry will look nothing like it does today. Technology will continue to play a huge part in the way agents do business and those who can’t adapt will be left behind 100%. Think about wearable technology; augmented reality; 3D printing; online auctions; and portals that connect buyers directly with vendors for a fraction of the commissions currently being charged by agents. Then throw into this technology mix social media as well as the rise of the sharing economy e.g. Airbnb or Uber; and you will see that big changes are ahead for real estate agents.

The use of mobile technology should now have improved agents’ efficiency a lot. Real Estate Agents aren’t tied to a desk anymore; most work can be managed remotely from a smartphone anywhere with an Internet connection or cell service. Life should be a lot easier.

However, technology aside, there are still key approaches that agents should be adopting to to be a game changer in the real estate industry.

  • Passion – it’s infectious to everyone around you! Passion creates energy; a buzz; creativity; a sense of fun; confidence; and that is like a magnet to people.   Passion is synonymous with optimism, which means not being crushed by difficulties and helps drive success.   Everyone around you including your clients will want to be swept up in the force this creates.
  • Communication – connect with people – it’s not rocket science! Before you start any kind of sales pitch, you need to connect on some other level. Create a lasting impression and a sense of urgency and potential clients will be handing you their listings. Clients will definitely shop around but if you stand out due to that initial connection and they like you, then you will keep winning listings.
  • Authenticity – it’s not just about trying to be nice to make a sale! People aren’t stupid and their gut feeling will tell them if you are genuinely connecting with them or just trying to make money. Give them the positives as well as the negatives but with the negatives should be solutions. Forget about making money and start thinking about how you can help people get the best price/find the right house/get the perfect tenant.
  • Consistency – do the work! Emails, SMS, follow-ups, newsletters, phone backs, social media updates, open houses, appointments. You know what needs to be done so do it – day in, day out. You won’t get the listings without consistent effort.
  • Perseverance – don’t give up! Nothing is easy. There will be obstacles, difficult clients and days where nothing goes right. Find solutions and keep going and you will be rewarded.

Real Estate Agents can have less than glowing reputations. You can change that. Don’t let your ego lead you. Connect with your clients authentically and with passion, do the work consistently and with perseverance, and you will become one of the Game Changers.


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